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Admissions are open for the academic year 2020 - 2021

Islamic International CBSE School

           Islamic International CBSE School, a state of the are education center has been established in trichy since June 2012 to provide quality, formal education along with Islamic studies and hifz of the Qur'an. Our aim is to mould your children to lead a successful life in this world and in the hereafter

           Today's schools do not guide children's moral development, but rather allow them to create their own moral structures and hierarchies. Thus a growing need is reciprocated in every parent's heart to send their children to an Islamic school to develop honest, confident and dynamic, in quest of knowledge for lifelong learning and serving with a passion at home, school and in society

           Alhamdulillah, Islamic international school has been established to bring out the best in your child, to live in a sanctuary where they can learn, worship, play and grow more, free of societal corruption, thus providing an ideal environment to enrich individual student's potential and imbibe Islamic values at an early age.

           To highlight the system of education and be on par with international standards we have committed our academics syllabus to a child centered education with an interactive and reason based methodology. Formal subjects are taught with an Islamic perspective. To expedite all round learning and we have a teacher student ratio of 1:25. Started with classes' upto5th grade in June 2012. Insha Allah we will upgrading every year till plus two.


  • To provide a sanctuary where children can learn, worship play and grow, free of societal corruption
  • To guide children's moral development based on authentic teachings according to the noble Qur'an and the sunnah of prophet Mohammed (SAW)
  • To teach and train them at a very early age to be mindful of allah(SWT) and also be aware of the shaytan, the cursed one.
  • To train the children to meet the requirement of today's competitive modern world.

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